commercial solar PV installations

Securing your business’s energy for the next 20 years is now more feasible and a step closer, with a 90% commercial solar PV funding package available through Flix Eco Tech.

Your business can install a solar PV scheme sized to meet the company’s electricity demand:

  • 90% funding at an indicative rate of 7.5%;
  • Payback within 7 years;
  • Payments met through savings from no longer purchasing electricity;
  • Advantage of an additional revenue stream by receiving payments through Feed-in-Tariffs;
  • The installation of the scheme will therefore not be a financial burden on the company.

If your business does not have adequate space for a solar PV array to meet all your needs, a system can be sized and installed that will optimise the financial return possible for your investment – balancing financial outlay with electricity savings and Feed-in-Tariff revenue.

For more information on how your business can control their energy costs then please contact us, go to our renewables page or Flix Eco Tech’s website for further information.