Store excess energy with battery storage

Battery storage systems are an ideal solution for businesses or homes where renewable energy technologies are installed.

If surplus energy produced from a renewable energy system is not being sent to the grid then it should be stored. Battery storage systems can accumulate such electricity. The stored energy can then be used to power the building and charge electric vehicles, or sold back to the national grid. This almost eradicates any energy wastage.

Battery storage is also becoming more cost beneficial rather than exporting the energy to the grid. This is due to the reduction of electricity prices from the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Also with the ever decreasing purchase price, improving technology and reduced dimensions of batteries, battery storage is fast becoming a more feasible option.

Even for consumers without a renewable energy source, installing a battery storage system has a cost-benefit. Customers with Economy 7 tariffs can draw and store this cheaper electricity from the grid at nighttime. The electricity stored can then be used later in the daytime when the supply price is higher, so reducing energy bills.

You can monitor your energy usage in our battery storage systems through the use of cloud-based software. This allows you to take full control of the way you consume electricity.

Benefits of battery storage

  • Save money – optimise your usage of electricity from renewable energy technologies

  • Reduce costs – use stored energy at times when energy from the grid is more expensive

  • Convenient to use – remotely managed by cloud-based software

  • Long-lasting – 10 year guarantee on all battery storage products

  • Environmentally sound – prevent renewable energy created from being wasted

  • Get off-grid – using battery storage together with solar PV panels can reduce the demand of using expensive grid electricity

Over 19m domestic properties in England and Wales are below an EPC C. With the Green Mortgage schemes, your residential property must be in EPC band A or B, however other criteria also applies.

The Green Mortgage incentive benefits those who are willing to invest in lowering their home’s carbon footprint by rewarding them with lower mortgage rates.

Battery storage systems are an ideal solution for homeowners looking to minimise the amount of energy they waste. Therefore battery storage is an ideal solution for anyone interested in attaining these lower mortgage rates.

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