energy efficiency in buildings

We identify where improvements can be made in a building to reduce energy consumption

Energy efficiency is the first step to ensure the impact of spiralling energy costs are minimised, as well as allowing any renewable energy technology perform to it’s full potential

Living Logic will work with you by improving:

Improving the thermal properties and insulation levels in the building where possible and economically feasible
Reducing summertime overheating and improving natural ventilation to reduce cooling demand, maximising solar gains in winter and optimising natural daylight levels
Reducing energy consumption of lighting and heating through improved controls, as well as highlighting further savings through the use of energy-efficient products.

If not already done so, obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the building/s.  From this a benchmark is set allowing Living Logic to work with you to implement quick-wins, as well as look to medium and longer term options for reducing energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is also imperative in ensuring that any renewable energy technologies operate effectively, leading to a low/zero energy building.

Energy efficient products

Living Logic can also offer the following products to help reduce energy consumption in your building:

LED lighting

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting on the market and provides some of the quickest wins – using up to 90% less energy than traditional lamps.

  • LEDs typically last 50,000 hours or at least 15 years, dependent on use and application, and at least 4 times longer than fluorescents and metal halide, so vastly reducing maintenance costs
  • Immediate light is provided so you don’t have a dim or flickering light when you first switch on
  • LEDs emit a superior quality of light, therefore improving the internal environment and the comfort levels of the occupants – which for office environment results in improved productivity levels
  • LED lights emit virtually no heat, therefore reducing the internal gains in an office and so reducing the cooling demand
  • Plus LEDs don’t contain mercury, so fewer disposal issues compared to fluorescent and CFL lamps
Hacel Vertigo Quad

LED lighting from Liht®

Through Living Logic’s specialised lighting service ‘Liht®‘, we can update your lighting systems with direct replacements suitable for all sectors, with LEDs seeing a payback period as quickly as 8 months, dependent upon usage.

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Infrared Heat Panels

Infrared heat panels offer a cost-effective heating solution, using a fraction of the energy of most other forms of heating.

  • Savings of over 70% when compared to a convection heaters
  • Ideal for all installations, including offices and the home
  • Infrared heat panels warm the building fabric and not the air, so rooms stay warmer for longer, so reducing heating demand
  • Easy to fit and maintenance free

For more information on improving energy efficiency in your building and energy-efficient products please contact us