Chester RUFC

Living Logic were invited to help Chester RUFC reduce their energy bills, ensuring that subscriptions and money raised were being used as efficiently as possible, and with an intention of investing and adopting renewable energy technologies to help safeguard the club against rising energy prices.

Following initial discussions regarding the club’s current usage and future intentions, a site audit was carried out.  It was from this that a number of suitable ‘quick wins’, medium term savings and longer term investments were identified within a written report.

Chester RUFC

Priority of works

  • Improving the building fabric and to reduce heat loss before the introduction of any renewable energy source
  • Improve the installation of insulation and increase levels in the loft areas
  • Upgrade the extractor fans in the showers and to minimise heat lossses
  • Install like-for-like LED lighting replacements to ensure optimum payback periods of less than 2 years
  • Identify water saving measures

Through having high electricity usage and floodlighting, it was recommended that a voltage optimiser should be installed to reduce energy wastage, as well as ensuring electrical appliances were operating efficiently so prolonging appliance lifetimes, especially the floodlighting.  A voltage optimiser would also ensure maximum savings from any installed solar PV scheme.

Renewable energy options

  • Solar PV

    A minimum 30kW solar PV installation was recommended for maximum return on spending, with a fully funded finance package available that would be paid off via the energy savings from the reduced electricity bills of the scheme.

    Additional benefits would be from payments via the Feed-In-Tariff scheme.  Payback for the scheme would be within 6 years if self-funded, 7 years if financed.

  • Biomass boiler

    The existing hot water heating system for the showers is as efficient as possible, therefore a biomass boiler to provide heating for the clubhouse was recommended, as well as an upgrade for a more efficient heating system.

    The suggested insulation upgrades would also ensure that the scheme would be able to receive payments via the Renewable Heat Incentive for 20 years.  Payback period would be 6 years if self-funded, but up to 10 years financed with repayments covered by energy savings.

Further savings and continued collaboration

Ventilation improvements for the clubhouse lounge were also identified which included heat recovery, therefore ensuring maximum efficiency of the heating system and the building when in use.

Living Logic continues to work with the rugby club to assist with implementing the recommendations of the report in a phased approach.

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