Affordable, super-efficient heating solutions

Infrared heating panels are the most effective way to warm humans as we can absorb their heat much more easily. The heat generated feels similar to that of sunshine, allowing for a supremely comfortable living environment.

Unlike conventional heaters, which heat the air and cause heat to circulate uncontrollably, infrared panels only heat objects and people that are in line with the infrared waves.

They’re usually mounted to the ceiling, allowing for floor and wall space to remain unobstructed, so perfect in areas where space is restricted.

As they save energy, businesses and homeowners also stand to benefit from an impressive reduction in their energy bills. This means that far less energy is wasted, resulting in significantly fewer carbon emissions.

Infrared Heating Panels

Benefits of infrared heating panels

  • Naturally warm – expels infrared heat

  • Greater control – instant on-off function with each room having individual temperature control

  • Economical to run – less energy required to heat the home

  • Environmentally friendly – carbon emissions are lower than with conventional heaters

  • Aesthetically pleasing – panels are stylishly designed and can be customised

  • Unobtrusive installation – usually ceiling mounted

Infrared heating was originally introduced to Europe in the mid-1970s, such as being used in baby unit incubators in hospitals.

Today infrared heating technology is regularly found in offices and people’s homes, providing an ideal environmentally sound heating solution.

Infrared panels not only help contribute to your home’s energy performance but they are also recognised by Green Mortgages, an incentive offered by select mortgage providers such as Barclays to reward homeowners for working towards creating a carbon neutral home.

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