Fit and forget with LED lighting

Switching to LED lighting will see immediate savings on electricity bills, therefore a great way to see fast, guaranteed returns on investments.

Businesses can claim back purchasing and installation costs of LED lighting via Enhanced Capital Allowances, as well as improving their environmental profile by reducing Carbon Reduction Commitment payments on their energy bills.

SME funding is available from the Carbon Trust in the UK for projects over £5,000 via The Green Business Fund.

Public sector organisations finance is available through Salix Finance Ltd. delivering 100% interest-free capital to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.  Funding streams are available for England, Wales and Scotland.

Advantages of LED

  • LEDs last at least 50,000 hours or over 15 years, dependent on use and application, and at least 5 times longer than fluorescents, so vastly reducing maintenance costs

  • Immediate light is provided so you don’t have a dim or flickering light when you first switch on
  • LED lighting offers a superior quality of light when compared to fluorescents so improving the internal environment, which consequently improves occupancy comfort levels and therefore increases staff productivity levels
  • No Ultra-Violet or Infra-Red radiation
  • Eyestrain associated with poor lighting is cited as a major cause of headaches in workers, with UV radiation damaging the eye lens and cornea as well as causing skin cancer.
  • Improving lighting control, such as motion and daylight censors, prevents energy from being wasted by not lighting corridors and walkways too brightly and illuminating areas close to windows on bright sunny days
  • LED lights emit less heat, therefore reducing the internal gains in an office and so reduces the cooling demand
  • LEDs don’t contain mercury, so fewer disposal issues compared to fluorescent and CFL lamps
Liht - LED Lighting

Via our specialist LED lighting service ‘Liht® ‘, supplying only brand leading products, we offer direct replacements for all sorts of applications.

We also provide a lighting design service for new and retrofit projects to ensure that lighting is provided where it is needed, when it is needed and to the required lux levels. Following a site visit, we will provide a cost-benefit analysis of appropriate upgrades and support with funding the project.

Only high quality products are supplied, most having at least a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and 50,000 hour lifetime.

And remember, if you have a large volume order for a project or a want a price match, then please do contact us.

Message us or call 0330 2233939 for further information on LED lighting…