What we do…

Living Logic identify the most appropriate sustainable solutions which improve environmental performance and reduce energy demand

Whether it’s working with a company to improve their environmental profile, or with the development of new buildings, Living Logic’s sustainable services ultimately promote the development of a low carbon economy.

Development sustainably, it’s Living Logic!

Working with businesses to improve their environmental profile, reduce energy and water use, minimise waste, ensure compliance with regulations, incorporate renewable energy technologies and enhance the working environment, with the ultimate aim of achieving environmental standards.

Reducing the lifetime costs of a building, from both materials used in the construction and energy used in its operation… read more >>

Design to Passivhaus standards for savings of at least 75% on energy use, high levels of insulation and superior levels of comfort & interior air quality… read more >>
Improving the building’s fabric, design and operation, as well as highlighting where savings can be made through the use of energy-efficient products… read more >>
Whatever the sector, switching to LED lighting can see immediate savings on electricity bills, with payback as quickly as 8 months… read more >>
Secure your energy needs and reduce the dependence of purchasing ever expensive non-renewable energy, as well as helping to save on carbon emissions… read more >>
As part of requirements for planning, Living Logic can compile supporting sustainability statements and ensure development is carried out sustainably.

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