Living Logic identify the most appropriate sustainable solutions which reduce energy demand and so improve environmental performance in buildings

Whether it’s working with the development of new buildings, improving energy efficiency in existing, or incorporating renewable energy technologies, Living Logic’s sustainability services ultimately promote the development of energy efficient buildings and a low carbon economy.

Development sustainably, it’s Living Logic!

Involved at the design stage or as part of a building refurbishment, Living Logic can reduce a building’s impact on the environment through the materials used in its construction and energy used in its operation through the inclusion of sustainable features and passive design techniques…


Design to Passivhaus standards for savings of at least 75% on energy use, high levels of insulation and superior levels of comfort & interior air quality. ‘Passive House’ is not a brand name but a tried and tested construction method that can be applied by anyone, anywhere


As part of requirements for planning, Living Logic can compile supporting sustainability statements and ensure development is carried out sustainably.

Hacel Vertigo QuadWhatever the sector, switching to LED lighting in your existing building can see immediate savings on electricity bills. Plus new build projects can receive a lighting design to ensure the required lux levels are achieved…


Infrared heating panels utilise radiant energy transferring the warmth directly to a person rather than the room. Think of it like the sun’s natural way of heating a person rather than a space…


Battery storage allows businesses and homeowners to store electricity generated by renewable energy in order to be used when they like. Consumer also have the opportunity to draw and store cheaper Economy 7 electricity from the grid at nighttime for use in the daytime…


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity that you can use in your home or business. Solar PV panels offer a realistic opportunity of securing your energy needs and being being off-grid…


Utilising a refrigerant liquid, our thermodynamic hot water solutions operate in any weather, providing you with a renewable hot water supply to use right throughout the year…


Heating control systems allow you to monitor and regulate your heating and hot water system at any time of the day from your mobile device. You can benefit from:

  • An ultra-convenient way to monitor your energy consumption
  • Less wasted energy meaning lower energy bills
  • Individual temperature control for each room in your home

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