Generate free renewable energy

Solar PV panels, by harnessing the power of the sun, utilise one of the largest sources of clean energy available. Because it’s clean, it has no negative impact upon the environment. This means they are the perfect solution for anyone looking to be environmentally conscious.

Whilst it’s easy to think they’re only able to work whilst the sun is out, solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days just as easily too.

Once they are installed, businesses and homeowners have a renewable supply of energy at their disposal. This power can be used in your own home or business, therefore lowering energy bills. Through the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme the government can also pay for any electricity generated and exported to the electricity grid.

Any excess power generated can be held in a battery storage system for use later in the day.

Benefits of solar PV panels

  • Long-lasting – 25 year guarantee on solar panels

  • Environmentally sound – average property will reduce carbon footprint by up to 1.7 million tonnes per year

  • Lower energy costs – spend less on fossil fuels to power your home

  • Increase your property’s value – solar panels are a unique selling point

  • Tax free cash payments – government will pay for electricity generated and exported to the grid

  • Secure your energy needs against the dependence of purchasing expensive non-renewable energy sources and save on carbon emissions

Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels can be integrated into a new roof for a seamless look. Or, for a cheaper option, mounted onto a pitched slate or tiled roof. For steel roofs clamp-mounted fittings can be used without interfering with the roof integrity. On flat roofs panels can be mounted without requiring permanent penetrative fixing.

As of 2016, almost 90% of homeowners who completed a home improvement of some kind in the last three years also made an energy efficiency upgrade.

Improving your homes energy efficiency not only benefits you by lowering energy bills, but also opens you up for the opportunity of obtaining a Green Mortgage. This scheme has been backed by select mortgage providers such as Barclays to reward homeowners who invest in their home’s eco-efficiency.

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