Incorporating sustainable building design principles into a development can see both financial and environmental savings as well as improve comfort and health of occupants

Involved at the design stage, Living Logic can reduce a building’s impact on the environment, from both materials used in its construction and energy used in its operation through the inclusion of sustainable features and passive design techniques.

Sustainable & passive design

  • Improve levels of natural daylight and maximise solar gains in winter with heat recovery
  • Reduce summertime overheating and utilise natural ventilation to reduce cooling demand
  • Attain improved levels of insulation in the building fabric and glazing
  • Build to Passive House standards
  • Achieve further energy savings by incorporating energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies
  • Lower energy consumption of lighting and heating with improved controls
  • Identify the benefits of using concrete, masonry, timber and other surface finishes in the build
  • Incorporate rainwater harvesting, grey-water recycling and green roofing

Climate analysis

  • Identifying how the local weather conditions and geographical location of a site will impact on a proposed design and assessing whether the design of the building will perform efficiently in its chosen orientation.

Daylight & solar analysis

  • Evaluating how heat gains from the sun can affect the internal comfort levels of a building by reducing glare and summertime internal solar gains
  • Improve internal daylight levels which lower artificial lighting demand and associated running costs, as well as create a positive and productive internal environment for the occupants

Thermal performance

  • Analysis of the fabric performance in terms of heat transfer and retention, reducing heating demand in winter and identifying the potential for night-time cooling in summertime to help reduce internal daytime temperatures
  • Identify where thermal bridges occur and reducing the impact of them on the building’s performance

Ventilation & airflow modelling

  • Ensuring adequate natural ventilation flows meet the building’s requirement to provide comfort for the occupants
  • Reducing the requirement for mechanical ventilation by identifying the possibility of a natural ventilation or mixed mode strategy
  • Identifying the opportunity of night-time cooling to reduce the demand for daytime cooling

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