Utilise free energy to heat your water

Thermodynamic hot water systems provide homeowners and small businesses with an energy efficient hot water supply.

The hot water systems use a refrigerant liquid which has an incredibly low boiling point. When this liquid is heated vast amounts of free energy is generated, which is then transferred to heat the hot water system.

As this hot water system operates via energy transfer, there is no bearing on its usability. This allows for the system to be in operation day or night, rain or shine.

Utilising this abundance of free energy allows for homeowners and businesses to save money on heating their hot water supply.

The system is fully configurable, allowing for different water temperatures to be programmed for different times of the day. Also the system can be heated to remove legionella, making the hot water supply safer.

Benefits of thermodynamic hot water systems

  • Economical to run – less energy required to heat your hot water

  • Eco-friendly – lower carbon emissions than other hot water systems

  • Suitable for use in most domestic applications – get in touch for more information

  • Less hassle – program water heating schedules

  • Safer water supply – can be heated to remove legionella

Adding value is in the top three reasons for home renovations. Currently only a third of homeowners are motivated to invest in energy efficiency to increase the value of their home.

However, thanks to Green Mortgage schemes, homeowners can be compensated with a lower mortgage rate for improving their home’s energy efficiency.

So take advantage of these lower rates by improving your home with a sustainable thermodynamic hot water system.

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